Meat Journal

React Native / iOS

iOS application to track and analyze the amount of meat eaten.


In the Fall of 2018, I took it upon myself to follow what is known as the Carnivore Diet, which is a diet that only allows the consumption of meat. Because there is an entire community of people that follow this diet, I decided to create a food tracking application that allows for only meat to be added as food entries. The goal of the application would be to keep a record of food consumption and analyze consumption trends over time.


The goal of the design was for the UI to be simple and uncluttered. Many food tracking apps are often filled with many details and options that make the app clunky to use.

Before begining with a design for the app, other mobile app designs were analyzed for inspiration. Notes were taken regarding specific UI features that were especially attractive and relevant.

UI inspiration gathered for the Meat Journal app

After gathering notes on the inspiration for the app, rough wireframes were drawn out for the different screens in the app. The wireframes helped to get an idea for what functionality would be available on each screen and how a user would navigate through the app.

Wireframes for each screen in the app were roughly sketched out

Finally, once the wireframing was completed, mockups of each screen were created. The mockups were built from a commponent-based perspective to help facilate the dev work later on.

Reusable components used for the mockups
Color palette
Final mockups of all app screens


Adding Entries

New meat entries can easily be added through the app and you can specify the name, animal, weight, date, and time for each entry. Each entry is represented as its own line item with an icon that matches the animal chosen for the entry.

Add meat entries and view them in a list view

Calendar View

A calendar view is available that allows to more quickly view entries and see all the days where entries have been added.

Calendar view of all entries


The statistics view shows a breakdown of the meat consumed on a weekly, monthly, and yearly view. This allows users to have a better idea of their consumption habits and where their preferences lie in terms of the kind of meat they eat.

The statistics view is useful for analyzing consumption habits