Robert Cooper

Web Developer


Hi, I'm Robert Cooper, a full stack web developer.

I started teaching myself web development in 2016 at which time I was not enjoying the engineering work experience I had accumulated while still in university. I am now a working at Osedea as a junior full stack developer in Montreal, Canada.

📅 Last updated January 11th, 2018

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Blog Articles

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Here is a list of some of the projects i've worked on. For additional projects I've participated in, please have a look at my GitHub profile or my CodePen profile.

Public Wifi Speeds

An application that allows users to record the wifi speeds they encounter at public places and aggregates the data for others to see.

reactfirebasegoogle maps apijavascriptsassauthentication

Twitter Clone

A similar application to Twitter that is build with Node.js. The styling of the app is based off of Twitter's night mode on desktop.


Stranger Ipsum

A lorem ipsum generator that generates paragraphs containing quotes from from the Netflix series Stranger Things.


CUTC 2017 Website

The website for the 2017 Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference. I was the director of technology for the conference and I was responsible for building the website along with another team member.


Queen's Engineering Forum

An online forum that I helped to build as part of the Engineering Society I.T. Team at Queen's University. The project wasn't completed and I continued working on the project on my own after the 2016/2017 school year.


Kingston Young Professionals Website

I built a brand new website for the Kingston Young Professionals ,where they could post young professional spotlights, list their upcoming events, have site visitors sign up for their mailing list, and display any other information relevant to the organization.