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Hi, I'm Robert Cooper 👋.

I'm a front end developer currently working at LANDR in Montreal, Canada. I got into web development after figuring out that mechanical engineering wasn't for me. I'm a fan of beautiful user interfaces 🖼, eating meat 🥩, keeping track of data (e.g. sleep hours, financial budgets, hours spent in apps, etc.) 📊, and writting developer related articles 📝. Also, I am a person that can't stop buying Apple products even if it's a bad financial decision 🍎.

📅Last updated October 13th, 2018

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Blog Articles

Here are my 6 most recent articles that i've written on Medium.


Here is a list of some of the open source projects i've worked on. For additional projects I've participated in, please have a look at my GitHub profile or my CodePen profile.

Color Namer

A utility web app that provides a color name for corresponding hex and rgb values. Lists names for 15,000+ colors.

reactjavascriptcsscontinuous deployment

Public Wifi Speeds

An application that allows users to record the wifi speeds they encounter at public places and aggregates the data for others to see.

reactfirebasegoogle maps apijavascriptsassauthentication

Twitter Clone

A similar application to Twitter that is build with Node.js. The styling of the app is based off of Twitter's night mode on desktop.


Custom Shopify Theme

A website I designed and built for my sister's floral design business. I designed it in Sketch and built it with slate, Shopify's theme development framework


Lorem Ipsum Generator

A lorem ipsum generator that generates paragraphs containing quotes from from the Netflix series Stranger Things.